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What Net to Get

  Although paddles are usually top of mind in pickleball, don’t forget other important equipment needed to play. When it comes to playing pickleba...

In the Bag: If you’re looking for the perfect pickleball bag, look no further!

Check out some of our favorites—backpacks, sling bags and duffels. You’ll find one that suits your needs perfectly!   Gamma’s Pickleball Paddle Bag...

Choosing the Right Paddle

By Wayne Dollard   Why did you choose your paddle? 45%   Play/Demo Test 15%   Manufacturer Brand Name 11%   Grip 11%   Weight 6%     Shape 4%     R...

Pickleballs Have a Pedigree: Ever wonder why your dinks and serves go where you want them to go? It has a lot to do with how the ball is made

By Alice Tym   Most players take it for granted that the pickleballs they use will have a consistent bounce, last a long time and not go out of rou...

If the Shoe Fits: The key to your game's success - or failure - might be right beneath your feet

By Mark Berton   Having the proper shoes for pickleball doesn’t rate very high with most players. Ben Simons, Senior Business Manager Pickleball, R...


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