Franklin X-Charge

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Product Description

The X-Charge by Pickleball-X has been engineered and designed to perform at an elite level. With state of the art Polymethacrylimide core technology, this paddle will never let you down and will hold up during the most rigorous play. Every hit is delivered with optimal power and control. Step your game up to an elite pro level with the X-Charge!

DURABLE: The patented polymethacrylimide core is an extremely robust material that is very durable. This is a paddle that will not only dominate, it will dominate for years!

LIVELY SWEET SPOT: Thanks to our patented core materials this paddle has a unique sweet spot on the market that will launch the ball back over the net.

ADVANCED MATERIALS: This is the only paddle in the market made with core materials currently used in the airline industry. Our PMI core plays unlike any other paddle.

COMFORTABLE: This paddle comes equipped with a form-fitting quality grip that won't slip from your hand during aggressive play.

Dimensions: 15.75" x 8.25"

Avg. Weight: 7.4 oz. (fluctuates +/- 0.2 oz.)
Type: Intermediate through Professional
Face Surface: Fiberglass
Core Material: Polymer