Franklin X-Vibe

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Product Description

The X-Vibe by Pickleball-X is the perfect paddle for the player looking to hone their skills. This paddle has been created for all types of players abilities. The crisp and predictable response make the player feel very plugged into the ball's trajectory and depth. The X-Vibe is equipped with a thicker handle allowing for more control over the paddle while swinging. The engineered thicker core materials give you a sweet spot that is consistent hit after hit.

SWEET SPOT: This paddle is built with our thickest Polypropylene core giving you predictable and consistent sweet spot.

ADVANCED MATERIALS: State of the art Polypropylene honeycomb core provides ample durability in a lightweight package.

COMFORTABLE: This paddle comes equipped with a form-fitting quality grip that won't slip from your hand during aggressive play.

DURABLE: We have engineered our edge band to provide the best protection from accidental pounding court contact.

Dimensioms: 15.75" x 8.25"
Avg. Weight: 8.4 oz. (fluctuates +/- 0.2 oz.)
Type: Intermediate
Face Surface: Fiberglass
Core Material: Polymer