Players Rogue RSI Gel-Core

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Product Description

Though it may look like a relatively ordinary paddle, the Rogue RSI is unlike any paddle you've played with before. Our revolutionary Gel-Core technology gives you the predictable performance that makes this paddle feel almost like an extension of your body.

Gel-Core improves the paddle in several measurable ways:

  • Larger Sweet Spot
  • Greater Paddle Stability on Ball Impact
  • Reduced Vibrations Transmitted to the Player's Hand
  • Softer Ball Impact Sound

It's got the lightweight feel of a nomex-core paddle with the control and predictability of a poly-core paddle and has proven its worth in extensive double-blind performance testing with players of all skill levels! It scored significantly higher than two other nomex-core paddles of the same specifications.

Dimensions: 15.875" x 8"
Avg. Weight: 7.5 oz. (fluctuates +/- 0.2 oz.)
Type: Beginner through Intermediate
Face Surface: Carbon Fiber
Core Material: Gel-Core, Silicon-Infused Aramid