Third Shot Drop Chaos G

Third Shot Drop Chaos G

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Third Shot Drop


Product Description

This is an ideal paddle for Medium hitting players looking for a balanced paddle for touch and power with fantastic ball placement. The honeycomb Polymer core provides power performance, yet gives soft control for the touch shots. The Polymer core is the quietest due to being slightly less deflective, which also helps players with a little extra control since players have a split-second longer to manipulate the ball. The Graphite surface is light and responsive, yet hard and strong. Players like the quick action off the Graphite face. Because of the stiff surface, the ball doesn’t sink into it, so it is easier to direct the ball, providing fantastic placement. This is a popular combination due to its versatility.

Avg. Weight: 8.1 oz. (fluctuates +/- 0.3 oz.)
Type: Intermediate through Professional
Face Surface: Carbon Fiber
Core Material: Nomex